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    Inspiring one on one’s outer journey and inner path ...
    Inner Way is a new initiative launched in 2017, a spiritually centered mindfulness and wellbeing website created by Shawn Wondunna-Foley.

    The site is a guide to help one live a more prosperous, abundant and awakened life.
    Imagine and design the positive changes one seeks in one’s current life.
    Learn to how to simply be, live in the moment and know one’s true inner path.
    Access information, advice and support a range of specially designed inspiring spiritual quotes, practical tips/ tools and healthy can-do habits.

    Allow me to guide one to create and enable one’s life to be the best it can be – now!
    One is invited to enjoy and use all the FREE resources and engage in one-on-one lifestyle coaching sessions too.

    Be all that one inspires oneself to be ... here and now!


    Inner Way’s help and support to one
    Inner Way, supports and inspires one’s life, lifestyle and living changes through a range of opportunities, including:
    Access to FREE online spiritually based written life quotes by Shawn Wondunna-Foley via the website and through the purchase of a nominally priced cost $2AU app based service for direct delivery to one’s personal e-devices.

    • Access to new e-books and hard copy print on demand (PoD) books.
    • FREE e-zine on 5 Key ways to self-realization.
    • FREE subscription to online posts about being mindful and living a spiritually centered life.
    • One-on-one lifestyle coaching service to support and guide one’s lifestyle (available soon).
    • Gift Shop (coming soon in 2018).

    Positive Thought Leader, Inspiration Entrepreneur, Indigenous Cultural Advisor, Contemporary Author, Writer, Artist, Digital Concept Designer, and Spiritual Lifestyle Coach.
    Shawn Wondunna-Foley is a positive thought leader, author, social justice advocate and spiritual lifestyle coach. He is new voice in the wilderness of living and lifestyle-change influencing social media in regard to mindfulness, wellbeing and spiritual centered abundance, prosperity and awakened living, with a growing following each year. His easy style and profound writings have been published and continue to gain an ever increasing audience and grateful readers. His writings are beginning to gain wide acclaim and noted in various circles of mindfulness practitioners and wellbeing professions.

    Wondunna-Foley is inspired to bring a greater sense of spiritually centered mindfulness and wellbeing into the every days lives of ordinary people. He realizes that in this moment is an opportunity to create a more prosperous, abundant and awakened life. He notes that life is truly beautiful when one realizes one’s own truth in the universe.

    “I live, work and play on the traditional country (land, sea and sky) of the Butchulla (Badtjala) people in Hervey Bay, Queensland - Australia. I am blessed with two beautiful daughters as well as being able to contribute to the personal wellbeing and ongoing spiritual guidance of many people. Being a person with an Indigenous (First Australian/Aboriginal) lineage I have always grown up with a strong connection to country and inner path of spiritual awakening. Life is a process of letting go and flowing with the way of life now – be one with oneself and one with all in the universe.”

    As an author, guest speaker, inspiration entrepreneur and advocate for whole of life social harmony, wellbeing and spiritually centered living, Wondunna-Foley explores prime issues about human centeredness, earth unity, living change, positive transformation and social-spiritual psychology.


    Shawn's writings and profoundly insightful and artistic quotes are regularly posted online as part of a global commitment to co-create a higher synergy of human unity, kindness and compassion between all peoples on earth.

    His writing have the potential to be used on a daily basis as well as go viral and be shared on social media sites to benefit a wider global audience.


    Shawn has had a love with words, art and integrated design for the majority of his life. Wondunna-Foley is a contemporary author drawing upon his Indigenous Aboriginal Australian lineage together with a spiritual centeredness to bring the reader a unique view and experience in being one, one with oneself and one with all in the universe.
    Following an extensive career in public and private (not-for-profit) human services sector he saw an opportunity to create a new space that would encourage a different spirit-centered perspective. After all when ‘one changes one’s mind’s perspective - one changes the world’.

    As a writer, artist, designer, creator of specialist projects and a consultant Shawn has worked on a wide range of projects. He has a diverse background in sustainable social capital systems, as a specialist advisor-mentor, working in non-government and government procurement and contract human services management, developing collaborative economies, supporting Indigenous enterprise and a small consultancy business. This has led him to develop a strong interest in the subject of divine spiritual pathways that ultimately inspired him to create this website. He has a special respect for individually inspired journeys and humbled by the support and advice he is able to offer people, peers, friends and family.

    Using a spirit centric, strength-based approach and a process of ‘mutual and reflective discovery’ Shawn is able to help others live a more abundant, prosperous and awakened life. This site together with his writings is part of the ongoing growth in transformational infrastructure on the planet to enable people to be more centered within their own beingness and less with one’s belongingness.

    Shawn is committed to positive social change through quality relationships with oneself (mind-body-spirit) and other light workers/ positive change agents. He inspire others to enable their chosen lifestyle along a personal journey of self-realization and inner path of awakening.
    He also is a regular presenter at selected local/ regional workshops/ gatherings and events, where he enjoys sharing with participant’s new ways of thinking from which individuals can inspire the change that they seek of others within themselves.



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