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    Shawn Wondunna-Foley, born Shawn Patrick Bulmer Foley, July 9, 1965, is an Indigenous Australian writer, public/guest speaker, streetscape/visual artist, creative designer, lifestyle and spiritual coach, cultural advisor and local identity living on the Fraser Coast, Queensland - Australia.

    Wondunna-Foley had an inspiring and loving childhood growing up with his family on the foreshore and coastal bushland in Hervey Bay – Queensland, Australia. He is proud of his mixed heritage and cultural lineage. His Aboriginal mother is descended from the Butchulla (Badtjala) people of Fraser Island (K’gari) and his father is a 1st generation Irish Australian. During his early years he was nurtured with a positive affirmation, grounded awareness of Indigenous culture and many connective experiences living on country (land, sea and sky). Embracing these opportunities enabled him to synergise a spiritual perspective together with a balanced view of living in harmony with all things and life itself.

    “All is One – Everything is Connected.“
    Throughout his adulthood he lived and worked in a variety of states in Australia and in various government and private sector positions. Helping others to meet their work-life challenges in Education, Telecommunications and Social Services industries. Eventually returning to his traditional country and undergoing what he calls - a “stillness journey of conscious-awareness”. He then spent many moments over several years studying and meditating on the transcendence of pre-existing thinking and accession to a more profound state of being. He says that after some time, he then captured in words this realisation and awakened living. Staying on his traditional country in Hervey Bay is where he began writing his first book. Here he continues to live, work and play where he grew up providing ongoing guidance to all in the ways of beingness - being one within and with all.


    two sm

    'Two' - Mindful spiritual quotes to inspire one to live a prosperous, abundant and awakened life.

    'Two' Book Launch at 6pm Friday 6 July 2018 plus additional author signing on Saturday 7 July 2018 10-12pm at Mary Ryans Bookshop, Torquay, Hervey Bay, Queensland .


    Cover Page ISBN 270 x 270'One'  - A collection of mindful spiritual quotes to inspire one to live a prosperous, abundant and awakened life.

    Available for purchase from Mary Ryans Bookshop, Torquay, Hevey Bay from the 25th of November 2017 - RRP $19.99

    Details: 204 Pages of colourful images and inspirational quotes.    Size: 145mm x 145 mm x 13mm


    two sm

    'Two' - Mindful spiritual quotes to inspire one to live a prosperous, abundant and awakened life.

    'Two' Book Launch at 6pm Friday 6 July 2018 plus additional author signing on Saturday 7 July 2018 10-12pm at Mary Ryans Bookshop, Torquay, Hervey Bay, Queensland .

    Available for purchase from Mary Ryans Bookshop, Torquay, Hervey Bay from the 6th of July 2018 - RRP $19.99
    Details: 204 Pages of colourful nature based images and inspirational quotes. Size: 145mm x 145 mm x 13mm


    “Be One Now" – living an abundant, prosperous and awakened life” (coming soon in 2018)


    Shawn is the author of a number of Indigenous publications, including:

     khulwayz 05 "I on Country – an Indigenous guide to Fraser Island (K’gari)". 
    Contact us for a copy of the DVD or view files here





       "The Badtjala People"






    Dingo finds a Friend – (coming soon).

    Kookaburra Sits – (coming soon).

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    The "epub" applications are free as well and available for iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android phones and tablets. "epub" files can also be opened on a computer with various free programs including Adobe Digital Editions, Stanza Desktop, Okular, and many more.

    Q. Is Kindle a device or a software?
    A. Both the e-Book reader device from Amazon and the free application which can be downloaded from Amazon are called "Kindle".

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    Q. Will the other books be available as e-books?
    A. We hope to release all new English language books in e-book format soon.


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