One is constantly amazed how so few words can have such a profound impact on the way a person thinks and acts in life. Reading a special quote can sometimes be the difference between having a good day and living a truly awesome one.

    Why does one love quotes?

    Quotes reaffirm, remind and put life into perspective. Quotes help one to understand oneself and others in the world. Quotes can be powerful and/or popular sayings that often express common sense and universal truths. They often motivate one in to action or a certain decision and may make one think more deeply about a particular topic, issue or idea. Quotes inspire and arouse one’s interests. Quotes pack a lot of wisdom into a few words. Quotes explain a purpose or personal perspective of life.

    A collection has been created of some of one's most inspiring and enlightening spiritual quotes for one to use on a daily basis. There are approximately over 3000 quotes. To access a variety of these quotes see the slider on this page or simply purchase the app. Just go to home page and click on the APP tab and follow the instructions.

    One is encouraged to explore those text messages that most resonate with one’s inner being. Create a moment of silence or quiet contemplation where you can fully appreciate and reflect on the message within the words. Accept the suggestion or the idea without judgement or assessment, neither moving to the past or the future. Realize the intent of the thought to be absorbed within one’s psyche. Allow the thought to be there in one’s mind as one is present with it. Let go and be free to enjoy them all.

    Thoughts are like clouds, they never stay around for long, especially with the winds of change always blowing.
    One hopes that in sharing these quotes that they will inspire one and others to live a more prosperous, abundant and awakened life.


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