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Infinite Existence – Book Launch 2022


Authentic Conversations

Does one miss having a proper down to earth, heart-felt and honest conversation with a real person? Is one open …

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Being More Within

The real success of one’s life is not on the outside but on the inside. The greatest opportunity to be …

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Rise and Shine

At some point in our lives, one’s mind-body will experience pain and suffering – it is evitable. With every encounter …

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Love Inspires Greatness

Love causes one to feel courageous, radiant and powerful. Love is one of the most amazing and inspiring emotions that …

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Walk With Abundance

Some people walk with an abundance of love in their heart/spirit and mind because it is so beautiful that it …

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Greatest Achievement

One’s greatest achievement is selflessness and a life lived in the service of other sentient beings. Do not be attached …

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Amazing People

Amazing people just don’t happen in this world. To know one is to know that their journey has been filled …

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The Best Way

Everyone is heading in the same direction although taking completely different journeys and ways of getting there. Stop one’s mind …

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Positive Nature

Some people simply have a loving, positive and supportive nature in the way they engage with other people and life …

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