Imagine living a new awakened life now. Come on an incredible journey that will enable One to change, grow and transform One’s mind–body and living experiences on Earth. Learn simple and successful ways to consciously and mindfully manifest a prosperous and abundant future through co-creating the best version of oneself each day. Everything begins and ends with ‘One’ in the universe. Begin One’s awakening journey to become a ‘Bright’ — a spiritual warrior of light, love and oneness on the planet.

In this modern world, One can often feel overwhelmed by One’s thoughts, feelings and pressure to ‘engage and participate in life’. Friendships, family and managing work–life pressures to ‘fit in’, conform and be responsible can also adversely impact on One’s quality of life, living wellness and positive wellbeing. One’s ability to be the best version of oneself seems to be continually challenged by other people and simply living life itself.

Inner spiritual awareness and a deep knowing for One to just be and exist now has never been more important than it is today.

Shawn Wondunna-Foley’s inspiring mission log and awesome notes on planet Earth over a year gives One daily pointing’s, mindful ideas and spiritual insights about how to fulfil three important Mission Directives while living here on Earth. Awaken guides and focuses One’s thoughts and energies to co-create the best version of oneself while manifesting a new awakened life. Reading Awaken is a way to One’s inner path as an enlightened awakened citizen of Earth or ‘Bright’. It is time to fully embrace being spirit, soul or cosmic consciousness. One will become the divine centre point of One’s life and living experiences.

Wondunna-Foley explores important aspects of being an ‘awake’ spirit, enjoying mindful living and staying present in the moment. Today is the day to realise a new way to live and be on Earth ‘Now’.


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