Authentic Conversations

Does one miss having a proper down to earth, heart-felt and honest conversation with a real person?

Is one open to the idea of chatting with someone who isn’t fake or lead on by their own egoic mind. Does one find that most of the people which surrounds one conform to the social norms of polite pretense and fabricated falsehoods? Does one feel like one is all alone in a sea of people or huge crowd? It’s okay – one is not alone, this is a perfectly natural insight because one may simply be more spiritually aware than others on the planet.

Everybody may be talking to one, but are they really saying anything? Mmm …. one is highly doubtful. Sure one may go through the pleasantries of life to keep up appearances and the peace with others, but lets be honest with oneself. One would much prefer a single moment of illuminating truth than living a thousand years by the dim lit flickers of false flames.

When one is open and honest with oneself and one’s spirit – the universe knows. One’s life will naturally adjust to the truth one seeks – it will flow effortlessly to one.

Fake news from false people holds no sway over one, as one is able to see through their thin vails of false truths and directly into the living heart of the matter. What lights up one’s world and life is pure uncut inner honesty, as natural and as sweet as honey – more valuable than any precious metal on the planet too.

Soon one will realize that in order to live a truly authentic life one will need to drink from one’s own inner well of divine truth and honesty.

Let this place be the source from which to quench one’s thirst and soon others will share these waters with one.

— Shawn Wondunna-Foley

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