Being More Within

The real success of one’s life is not on the outside but on the inside. The greatest opportunity to be found is within one’s own spiritual consciousness and awakening to it.

All outer journeys eventually lead one to one’s inner path of consciousness. The more one cultivates a closer relationship with one’s spirit and being more virtuous in one’s life, the more one’s own mind, heart and life will expand. One will know when one is on this inner path as one’s outer life will become more accepting of others and their particular situation, more open to listening, more mindful in one’s simple approach to living life and solving challenges, more appreciative of all the colours in the world and peoples, more understanding and compassionate, more able to take responsibility for one’s own thoughts and actions, and more nurturing and loving of others thoughts, behaviours and beliefs. As one looks within, one will find all the answers that one seeks in this life. As one opens one’s mind and heart, it will shine a light for others to be more compassionate, accepting, gentle, graceful and understanding too. The more one spiritually awakens and evolves, the more one can move easily and effortlessly through life, offering all only the best of oneself. The more one is in agreement, harmony and balance within the more this is true of one’s own life in the universe. The more spiritually awaken one is, the more one is aware of one’s own inner focus and less concerned with the particular self-seeking egoic-minds. As an ever expanding and evolving being, one will be able to see one as host to one’s own mind and body and constructively influence the energy patterns of others. One will consciously choose to invest in peace, love, kindness and authentic relationships which support people’s living wellbeing and life itself. As one awakens and evolves, one will realize that the best way to give to all is to be one with oneself and the universe itself.

— Shawn Wondunna-Foley

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