Rise and Shine

At some point in our lives, one’s mind-body will experience pain and suffering – it is evitable.

With every encounter comes an opportunity to look inside oneself. Use this time to grow, learn and understand one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual place in the world. For all the mistakes, mishaps and misfortune one has had and may move through in the future, one can choose to use these experiences to become a better, more lovingly-kind and compassionate human being. Everyone is capable of rising above and shining like stars do. No perceived or potential loss, betrayal, abuse or injustice can ever diminish the infinite power of one’s own inner healing capacity and ability to transcend any personal challenge. Once one accepts what one perceives and experiences as pain and/or suffering, one can then begin upon the road of recovery. Just because one stumbles does not mean that one has lost one’s way in life. Pick oneself up, dust oneself off and keep moving forward in a positive direction. Eventually all things will pass.
— Shawn Wondunna-Foley

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