Love Inspires Greatness

Love causes one to feel courageous, radiant and powerful. Love is one of the most amazing and inspiring emotions that one can have and be in life.

There are so many truly wonderful, special and beautiful people in the world who have grown and shone ever so brightly having dedicated their gifts to the world through acts of love and kindness. Love nourishes and nurtures people and life itself. When one is love, one is fearless in the face of danger, failure or going into unchartered waters. One knows how to trust oneself, life and the universe – so one does not play it safe, but rather chooses to be bold and courageous no matter what anyone else says. One knows intuitively where one’s destiny lies and has an immutable commitment to changing one’s life for the benefit of oneself and others with love. When one aligns one’s mind-body-spirit with love there is nothing that one cannot achieve or do in this life. One knows that every action or inaction taken with this intention will manifest in one’s life in ways that one has not yet even imagined. Everything is easy for one to achieve when being a change agent of love. When one loves completely it is such a liberating experience that one is totally consumed by faith in one’s higher self and surrenders to this force knowing that anything is possible in this universe. Love is the currency upon which one’s positive visions, aspirations and manifestations flow and are realized. This is how love lifts one up and is able to transcend one to a place where one is simply a conduit for the divine energy in the universe. With great love comes great opportunity to be all that one can be in this life – so be it. Just be love …
— Shawn Wondunna-Foley

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