Walk With Abundance

Some people walk with an abundance of love in their heart/spirit and mind because it is so beautiful that it inspires their whole sense of wellbeing and life.

Some people radiate love brightly because their inner connection shines a light like no other in this world. Some people are open to authentic love because they are emotionally and mentally prepared, having done the work on themselves. Some people focus on love as a priority in their life because they understand the importance of their life journey and what it took to get where they are now. Some people give unconditional love because they trust themselves, life and the universe unequivocally. Some people consciously commit to being loving because it simply makes perfect sense to think this way, speak this way, act this way and ultimately be this way. Some people mindfully create space to nurture a reality of love in their life because they seek to manifest positive experiences of loving-kindness, togetherness and compassion. Some people prefer a relationship of love because they know it will only exist with their loving participation and this is how they choose to express their life. When one’s intention is to be the love that one’s seeks – one will attract this love into one’s life within the universe. It is not our fear that scares us the most, it is knowing that we are divine sentient beings capable of being pure love itself.
— Shawn Wondunna-Foley

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