This is book launch is in October 2023

EVOLVE is a dynamic, uplifting and powerful book about the evolution of spirituality in the universe. It is a thought-provoking and straightforward work that speaks directly to the heart, guiding readers through the complexities of modern life by inspiring and igniting One’s inner light, love and oneness. The book offers a path to transcend, transform and transmute current ego-based lifestyles and evolve into a spirit-centric existence, both on Earth and in the universe.

The potential to completely transform oneself and the world is immense and limitless. One’s spirit, soul, or cosmic consciousness is a unique and special gift in this world. Aligning with One’s higher self is crucial to becoming a fully awakened Being or ‘Bright’. The book offers everyday guidance on how to manifest new experiences and relationships that align with One’s true spiritual nature and essence.

Wondunna-Foley provides valuable insights on how to create an awakened reality, helping readers become an integral part of an interstellar spiritually united Type 1 civilisation. EVOLVE is an essential guide for everyone to find and experience the truth to co-create a more mindful, conscious and awakened life on Earth.


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