Know that the universe has no fixed agenda; it is open to all that is now. It works in vibrational alignment with whatever one’s intention is in this moment. Whatever one’s mind–body believes to be true, then so shall it be. As spirit, soul or spiritual consciousness, all sentient Beings are intuitively guided by one’s divine inner peace and eternal silence. Look inwards to discover one’s outward journey in life.

Many people are seeking a way out of the noisy clutter and busy chaos in one’s life and into a place of calmness, clarity and contentment. Through inspiring positive change and meaningful moments of mindfulness, thought leader and public speaker Shawn Wondunna-Foley shines a light within oneself to reflect upon the divine oneness within all spirits, souls or sentient Beings in the universe. Journey with Wondunna-Foley as he shares new teachings, learnings, pointings and mindful practices that encourage one to break free of self-limiting thoughts and explore the inner space of one’s spirit and divine presence in this world.


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