Free one’s mind from thinking about being somewhere else on the planet or in the universe and embrace living in this present moment here and now. When one is open to one’s truth, one creates a divine gateway to one’s spirit within. One will then directly experience the wonders and magic of one’s inner peace, intuitive alignment and eternal oneness. Be patient – everything comes to one at exactly the right moment and in the right way in life as it is meant to be – so be it now.

Cultivating healthy habits of mindfulness, and a spirit-centered approach to life, author, positive thought leader and public speaker Shawn Wondunna-Foley encourages all to embrace living a prosperous, abundant and awakened life through loving kindness, purposeful presence and compassionate ways. Wondunna-Foley shares new teachings, learnings, pointings and mindful practices which allow one to move beyond contemporary thinking and life’s challenges, and deepen one’s experience of the present moment and spirit within oneself.


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